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Scomo has clearly stated that at this moment they are only focused on Australian citizens and residents, He replied to one of the reporters who asked this question in national cabinet held today in Canberra, that if the govt is or will be planning any action to support international students. As most of us are even struggling to pay for accommodation. Scomo clearly said: that the govt is not expecting something unrealistic from students because 1st-year students gave the warranty that they can bear all their expenses for 12 months by themselves as per their visa conditions. If they are not in a position to support themselves then they are free to travel back to their home country and the same goes for the people who are here on a visitor visa. those students who have critical skills such as doctors, nurses and some other skills that can help Australia during this crisis may be offered some opportunity. We might have more announcements coming our way from the immigration minister soon. Hold tight, don’t worry we will make our way out of this tough period.
Saksham Middha

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Coronavirus Update: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Coronavirus Update: Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaking in Canberra following a meeting of the National Cabinet.Latest: #7NEWS

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