“A Freshy’s story”

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It was in 2014 that I moved to Australia with a vision of being a graduate. My name is Dev and here’s my story.
When I initially moved to Australia, my family friends supported me and I shared accommodation with them.

Just like every new migrant, I too was struggling for a part-time job and that’s when an opportunity came to me. I had a chance to work in part-time shifts in the business of construction works. The man who offered me this job originally was a manager at Car-wash service but wanted me to work with him in the construction business. My services were underpaid but that was the only ray of hope. I worked for him for around 6 months. Somehow, his contract got canceled and my sub-contractor ran away owing me $4,000.

Thankfully, my dedication towards work brought in another opportunity from the same builder. After a while, I made a shift from the construction line to cleaning business which demanded traveling and quite a bit of physical exertion too. It was after considering my friend’s advice that I left that job too and focused on easing up on my studies in order to finish my course on time. Since then, I have started driving a taxi and soon I will be successfully completing my course too.

So, if you’re one of those people planning to make a shift to Australia, then brace yourselves to slog really hard and struggle with the daily earnings, at least for one year.
Considering that all of us here have our different set of journeys packed up with somehow similar struggles, I wanted to minimize the struggle of newcomers in Australia. I made a Facebook page by the name, ‘Freshy Helpline ’ in Melbourne
and another page for Sydney ‘Freshy Helpline In Sydney’

This page has opportunities for newcomers and also has answers to FAQs about migrating to Australia. If you’re planning to move here, then this page can be of some help to you. After all, there’s always a scope of learning from each other’s experiences.

#TheIndianKangaroos is proud of the way Mr. Dev is helping the newcomers despite being a student himself. His page is always active and well responding to all the queries, jobs and problems of immigrants. His idea of running such a page and dedication to supporting the freshers when they need the most(at the beginning of their journey in Australia) is really commendable and appreciable. We wish you all the best for the future and respect him for his initiative.

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